Women Empowerment

Welcome to One Tikar One People of the Cameroonian Diaspora!

If you were led here by members of our Delegation, One Tikar One People Facebook page, or just browsing the web, we welcome you to explore the rich culture of Cameroon and all she has to offer. If you are a DNA tested Descendent of Cameroon or any country in Africa, We welcome, you! You are home and your ancestors await your return.

Feel free to search the links above on Tikar & Bamileke history on the origin of the Tikars & Bamilekes out of Yemen and ancient Egypt to modern day Cameroon. We are blessed to be born different and unique. Our uniqueness is an asset. Our history is full of examples of people that have built an empire out of nothing.

We should never underestimate the power of people that are motivated and are determined to accomplish. I am convinced that by working together as a team we can restore our nation back to its lost glory.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to create a platform that encourages women to step into their power through education and skill acquisition. We provide resources for basic education, diverse trade training, and sustainable practices that are crucial for economic independence and community development.

Programs and Initiatives

Basic Education

We believe that education is the key to unlock immense potential. Our curriculum emphasizes foundational English language skills and essential mathematical competencies, paving the way for broader opportunities for the women in the community.

Trade Training in Arts, Crafts, and More

Our center offers an extensive range of trade programs beyond traditional arts and crafts. These include textile design, pottery, basket weaving, tailoring, and soap-making, amongst others. Each program is designed to equip women with skills that can be transformed into sustainable income streams, empowering them to contribute to their households and local economies.

Sustainable Practices for Families

Echoing our commitment to sustainable development, we educate women on practices that are environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. This includes sustainable farming, recycling, and effective waste management.

Link with the Classroom Project

The Women Empowerment Center works closely with our Classroom Project, offering a united front in the educational upliftment of the community. We believe in the strength of parallel growth: as the children learn in the classrooms, their mothers are simultaneously equipped with essential skills in the Women Empowerment Center. This synergy nurtures a cycle of learning and growth that benefits entire families and, by extension, the community.

Through the Women Empowerment Center, we aim to create a ripple of change that extends from individual women to their families, from families to the community, and from the community to the world.

Join us on this transformative journey of empowering women and changing lives, one skill at a time. Together, we can inspire, empower, and cultivate a prosperous future for all.

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