Origin of Tikar and Bamileke People

Tikar History


Based on historians, the Tikars ancestors was living long time ago in the Arabian Peninsula in the area between Yemen and Palestine. Some wars between Arabs make the Tikars ancestors to migrate in the area between Sudan and Egypt.

They found themselves settling in Saudi Arabia but with the domination of Islam on the rise, the ancestors of Tikars was surrounded and ordered to give all their magic power to the people in charge of Islam. All the precious belongings of the Tikar was taken and buried in a place that the Muslims consider today to be Mecca, under the Black Stone (Kaaba).

But some of the Tikars was smart enough to hide some of the symbols of the Tikar. One of these power symbols was a magic arrow weapon that could fly, and another was a type of small carpet that could transport people.

After the Arabian Muslims realized that the Tikar ancestors were not submissive to their authority and they refused to convert to Islam, the Muslims started to look for a way to exterminate them. One of the elders of the Tikar ancestors had a dream or revelation that he should look at the position of the sky and follow the magic arrow and carpet until they touched down.

And where this carpet and arrow touch down, it will be the final resting place of all the Tikars. The long migration process started and based on some historians it took them 150 to 250 years to follow the magic arrow.

They move Egypt where they were established for a long time, to Sudan, to the Adamaoua region, to the actual Plane of Tikar in Cameroon. Adamaoua is between Nigeria and Northern part of Cameroon. It is from Adamaoua where the Tikar ancestors with the Princess WouTen migrated to create the actual Tikar land. The Tikar name came from that dispute in Adamaoua between the King of Tikar and Princess WouTen. She is the Mother of all the Tikar and by extension the Grand Mother of the Bamilekes.

The Tikars were called in a language that was spoken by the Tikar ancestors when WouTen was asked by her Dad to leave the palace to go away and leave them alone. The Princess took it as the name of her people who accompanied her. Her Dad asked her to leave the village and with the help of other Princes close to her she decided to go away. Tikar means “Leave us alone…. get away…don’t bother us”. That’s where we got the name Tikar, after that episode of dispute in Adamaoua.

Remember, that part of the power of Tikar was the magic arrow? Well, when they left Egypt in the revelation it was told to them that they should not rest until the magic arrow came down and when they see it come down, that will be the final place that the ancestors want them to reside and nobody will ever defeat them in that land. The magic arrow landed in the actual Tikar land, and all the people that fought against the Tikar including the German and the French was never able to penetrate Tikar land via war.

Note: Wouten’s name in Tikar is Wouaintang (Wouaing Tang)

Tikar meaning for Wouaing is a title for a princess who is from a palace or born in the palace and Tang means beautiful.

Tikar Kingdoms

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