Upcoming Event: Minnesota African Cultural Festival September 23rd.

Covid19 Pandemic Response - 2020

Diaspora One Tikar response to Covid19 to Orphanages & Villages in Cameroon….July 2020. Through the generosity of our donors, we provided thousands of masks, cleaning products, soap and vitamins to build immunity to orphanages & rural villages in Cameroon. Diaspora one Tikar distributed food such as, rice, oil, beans, fufu and more to several villages in Cameroon. Distribution went to children, young adults population, women and men.

Thank you to All Our Donors.

Our Partners

Thank You to our Partners for Teaming with us to change Live

5th Annual Festival of The Returned 2019 - Cameroon Roots

The Vision, The People & The Dream Realization

If you were led here by members of our Delegation, One Tikar One People Facebook page, or just browsing the web, we welcome you to explore the rich culture of Cameroon and all she has to offer. If you are a DNA tested Descendent of Cameroon or any country in Africa, We welcome, you! You are home and your ancestors await your return. Feel free to search the links above on Tikar & Bamileke history on the origin of the Tikars & Bamilekes out of Yemen and ancient Egypt to modern day Cameroon. We are blessed to be born different and unique. Our uniqueness is an asset. Our history is full of examples of people that have built an empire out of nothing. We should never underestimate the power of people that are motivated and are determined to accomplish. I am convinced that by working together as a team we can restore our nation back to its lost glory.

President Corner

Welcome to One Tikar One People of the Cameroonian Diaspora!
Welcome to Diaspora One Tikar One People, a dedicated community organization that proudly celebrates, preserves, and promotes the rich tapestry of African cultures. We are committed to fostering unity, diversity, and a deeper understanding of the manifold cultures that comprise the African continent.

Experience the Magic of Africa at the Minnesota African Cultural Festival

Join us on September 23rd for the Annual Minnesota African Cultural Festival, where we celebrate the vibrant and diverse cultures of Africa. Immerse yourself in a day filled with music, dance, food, and art that will transport you to the heart of Africa.

🎵 Dance to the rhythm of traditional African music as it fills the air, bringing together communities from all over Africa to showcase their unique cultural heritage.

🍲 Savor mouth-watering dishes and indulge in the flavors of Africa, with a wide selection of delicious cuisine.

🎨 Discover the intricate artworks and crafts that reflect the rich history and traditions of Africa, from beaded jewelry to wood carvings, all created by talented artisans.

🌍 Embrace unity and diversity as we come together to learn about the different cultures that make up Africa. And end the evening with a formal African party, where we celebrate the beauty and richness of African culture through food, music, and dance.

Don’t miss this unforgettable event! Whether you’re African or simply curious about the continent’s culture, there’s something for everyone at the Annual African Cultural Festival.

📍 Mark your calendars for September 23rd and join us for a day of festivities and fun. Experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Africa, and celebrate the diversity that makes our world a beautiful place.

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