African Fashion Week Minnesota

African Fashion Week Minnesota 2024

African Fashion Week Minnesota (AFWMN) is a non-profit, community based organization and social enterprise.

It is a platform of culture, art, design, history, talent, performing arts, cuisine, and heritage. This platform was created from a need to bridge the gap and connect various cultures and provide a space for creativity, communication, and unity.

It is also a platform to promote diversity, identity, and inclusion in the fashion industry in Minnesota and around the world. This platform is a gateway to promote and facilitate international economic partnership.

Experience The Extraordinary At Minnesota’s Inaugural African Fashion Week!

Embark on a journey where tradition meets trendsetting, and heritage dances with haute couture. Join us for the inaugural African Fashion Week Minnesota, where the runway becomes a canvas, and every stitch tells a story of elegance, diversity, and the vibrant spirit of African fashion.

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