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Diaspora One Tikar One People Is an African Immigrant led cultural community organisation.
We are the gatekeeper and the preserver of the Rich African Cultural Heritage of respect, dignity and honoring Seniors and Elders.
Our goal is to pass this rich heritage to the next generation.
We also serve as a bridge and connector to our African American Brothers and Sisters who are on a journey to trace their African
heritage and reconnect to their tribes.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build and strengthened the African Immigrant communities in the Twin Cities through engagement initiatives, focusing on cultural education and heritage preservation. Our Vision is centered around creating platforms for cultural expression and foster a deeper understanding of African cultural diversity.
We enhance networking opportunities within
the African Immigrant Diaspora Communities in the Twin Cities, Minnesota by promoting unity and shared cultural identity.

Diaspora One Tikar One People will continue to be a bedrock in the African Immigrant and BIPOC
community for years, fostering cultural preservation, unity, and education within the African Immigrant Diaspora.

Our Mission

At Diaspora One Tikar One People, our mission is deeply anchored in cultural diversity and community engagement. We firmly believe in the strength of our collective identity and the power of shared heritage. Our organization brings together diverse communities, engaging in meaningful dialogues and experiences that reinforce our connections and deepen our understanding of our shared values.

Our overarching goal at Diaspora One Tikar One People is to contribute to the broader mission of empowering African cultures and promoting a renaissance within African civilizations. We are fervently dedicated to this cause and recognize its significant impact on elevating African societies and inspiring younger generations.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to support vocational training for young adults and youth.

Your generous donation will fund our mission.


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