One Tikar One People of the Cameroonian Diaspora!

If you were led here by members of our Delegation, One Tikar One People Facebook page, or just browsing the web, we welcome you to explore the rich culture of Cameroon and all she has to offer. If you are a DNA tested Descendent of Cameroon or any country in Africa, We welcome, you! You are home and your ancestors await your return. Feel free to search the links above on Tikar & Bamileke history on the origin of the Tikars & Bamilekes out of Yemen and ancient Egypt to modern day Cameroon.

We are blessed to be born different and unique. Our uniqueness is an asset. Our history is full of examples of people that have built an empire out of nothing. We should never underestimate the power of people that are motivated and are determined to accomplish. I am convinced that by working together as a team we can restore our nation back to its lost glory.

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