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As a proud son of the Tikar & Bamileke tribe
s a proud son of the Tikar & Bamileke tribe in the beautiful and peaceful country of Cameroon, I have dreams and vision like many of you, to achieve great heights and empower our...
One Tikar One People of the Cameroonian Diaspora!
If you were led here by members of our Delegation, One Tikar One People Facebook page, or just browsing the web, we welcome you to explore the rich culture of Cameroon and all she has...
Diaspora One Tikar One People - Cameroon Roots - Annual Festival of the Returned 2019
The Making of Princess MonBougain of Ngambe Tikar Kingdom. The journey of Princess MonBougain to find her Cameroon Roots and Reconnect with her People, is dynamic, full of adventures and...

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