As a proud son of the Tikar & Bamileke tribe

s a proud son of the Tikar & Bamileke tribe in the beautiful and peaceful country of Cameroon, I have dreams and vision like many of you, to achieve great heights and empower our people for sustainable development. I believe in positive thinking and championing causes that unites us as one.

The need for a website was created to unite all of us and as a starting point in a long journey across oceans back home to the lands of our ancestors in Cameroon, Africa. The website avenue will assist us to unite our people from all the Tikar & Bamileke Kingdoms and our people in the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, Jamaica and Australia who are bound by the same DNA.

As descendants of Cameroon and a lover of African culture, we invite you to join us for the Tikar & Bamileke Annual Festival of The Returned to Cameroon. We are proud to be Tikar and African. God has a great plan and vision for us and our continent. We are not just beautiful people, but our soil is the richest on the planet.

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